Screen recording software for mobiles

On evaluating mobiles for a purchase, Vivo A57 was demonstrated.  A57 offered after a bargain @ 16500  Screen recording software inbuilt in phone was one feature that mesmerised, it was a feature awaited for some creative works.


Digital India

Digital India a mission which is not clear. Why digitise ? Computerisation of govt offices brought lots of computers to govt offices which are often just machines for dtp work and no more.Files continue to be on paper and thus…

Resorts that are events in timeline

A visit to these resorts are events in timeline call it your lifeline. This list is a handpick from another post found in ticket booking website Oberoi udaivilas, Udaipur Vythri resorts, Wyanad Khyber Himalayan resort & spa, Gulmarg Vivanta by…