Monthly Archives: November 2009

8097356950 – Mumbai Tata Docomo mobile number.

This is my mobile number in mumbai amongst other numbers that i use. TataDocomo trumpets about 1p/sec billing and about “do the new” while i blog about how 50p/min ┬áis more benefical when calls exceeds 4mins and 10 sec, also…

Mumbai Local Trains

Free loading and unloading at the stations, overcrowded,High risk of being pick pocketed, very fast, roof top travel, very cheap,smart cards to purchase tickets, Eunuches,

My Blogs before i started on my own webspace

I started blogging in after i ran Hyderabad 10k run and named it longdistancerun as that was the only name i could get close to marathon runner or long distance runner ,where i poured my heart into a blog…