8097356950 – Mumbai Tata Docomo mobile number.

This is my mobile number in mumbai amongst other numbers that i use.

TataDocomo trumpets about 1p/sec billing and about “do the new” while i blog about how 50p/min  is more benefical when calls exceeds 4mins and 10 sec, also during the time span till 4mins and 10 sec there are weak spots where 50p/min is cheaper. Read more about it on http://zanilhyder.blogspot.com/2009/11/truth-about-1psec-telecom-billing.html where i have described in detail about it and also marked where each billing is better till 4mins and 10 secs.

About “do the new” there are network coverage related issues which may be due to the fact that it is a new provider, as they say experience makes a person a master and we may have to wait for them to gain experience. Until then we have to undergo coverage related issues,call drops and miss calls which you don’t get.

Miss calls which did not ring  is a relatively new phenomenon experienced in Tata docomo, your phone doesn’t ring but you get messages stating that you have a missed call from  09#####  @ ##.##  *m, i have experienced long back on BSNL network  of phone being switched off when it was ON for certain or subscriber out of coverage area when you were within close proximity to Base Terminal station.

I have also experienced a Outgoing calls barred on account of Address proof not being received at the head office, and i had to submit the documents again and during that period and even after submission of documents  my outgoing calls were barred including customer care.

They hoot about 1p/character sms but i was charged  Rs 0.60 for a sms which mentioned ” please call back”.

I  was attracted to Tata Docomo after a fellow blogger posted praise about Tata Docomo.Here it is http://techzpeak.blogspot.com/2009/09/1p-second-anywhere-in-india-savings.html but my experience was a total rip off.

I had purchased this SIM for Rs 300/- which is actually a unfair deal but i had to agree to it as  i was refused one for not having a local address proof and  ran around for days to get a SIM card finally for Rs 300/-  with a account balance of around Rs 180/- that was fine if i wasn’t troubled with the outgoing calls ‘barred’ and experienced the unaccountability and inefficiency of the customer care. When i searched the internet i have come across scores of complaints against Tata Docomo.

After that my perception of the Brand Docomo – a Japanese telecom giant and Tata – a tycoon Indian company is raised to the ground.

I tried to log into my account on www.tatadocomo.com but it gives invalid pin then i tried for ” forgot password” it says to call 121 for pin and customer care says they do not have it and they provide me with puk code 1 they do not have puk code 2 or pin, i explained several times and finally gave up. I reported unsatisfactory on the feedback call and then i received a call from someone who should have been from their Quality control even he repeated the same and tried to justify it and he HUNG UP the call and never called back.

Presently i am able to make outgoing calls and also receive incoming calls but i also receive sms’s of miss calls for which i did not hear the phone ring or a miss call on the screen.