My Blogs before i started on my own webspace

I started blogging in after i ran Hyderabad 10k run and named it longdistancerun as that was the only name i could get close to marathon runner or long distance runner ,where i poured my heart into a blog like what Fathima Bhutto said, to pour your heart out to write content which would interest a reader and indeed that post was interesting to readers and people appreciated my writing and i was inclined to write further. Then another one which i started to scribble about Haile gerbreselassie the marathon world record holder as reading blogs about running and reading about them was my way of self motivating to run the mumbai marathon ahead and i was logging my practice to mumbai marathon in another post of it.I had simultaneously attempted to blog about information security related topics or technical natured on it.Found another way to blog by posting about interesting websites which i managed to carry on and managed to drag into about a 10 co-authors to the blog, who seldom posted a website when i pestered them into submitting one and offering to do the write up if they atleast posted a link in the blog.I had further more blogs and i was trying to make them each as niche blogs on different topics but most did not flourish.

I liked the idea to then have my own name for a general purpose blog. Later managed to put up this blog.

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