Mumbai Local Trains

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Life line of mumbai, they call the local trains the life line of mumbai.

Leveler of mumbai, they call the local trains the leveler of mumbai.

Local trains are an idendity of mumbai.

Everybody have a story to tell about local trains in mumbai, stories range from being pushed out of it, stampede at stations, pick pocketing, dadagiri, Eunuch’s, overcrowded, roof top travel.Mumbai local train smart card

Smart card with which Tickets can be purchased and printed from the touch screen kiosk at the Railway station. These can be refilled for amounts as low as Rs 100/-  and it is also possible to get return tickets.mumbai train ticket

New trains announces the arriving station and some display  alongwith !!!

Free loading and unloading at the stations, overcrowded, risk of being pick pocketed, very fast, roof top travel, very cheap,smart cards to purchase tickets, Eunuches,

There are 3 railway lines which operate in it, Western Line – which stretched from Church gate to Virar and is considered to be the overcrowded line.Central Line – which stretched from Mumbai CST to  Kalyan and is less crowded than western.Harbour line the latest of these stretched from Mumbai CST to Panvel.

Point of instersection of these lines are at Dadar and Kurla. Dadar  is the intersecting point for Western line and Central line,while Kurla is the intersecting point for Central Line and Harbour Line.


There are further improvements to the existing, and now google is offering Mumbai local train and  BEST bus service details.

This is a site worth visiting for local train related information.Besides the oldest Western line, and later added Central line and Harbour line , but now the thane to panvel line is also recognised as a local train service like others by mumbaikars.

I happened to find another map on mumbai local trains which was better represented

Latest update is about Mumbai going to get new local trains in which coaches almost in par with the Metro coaches.It also mentions that 7.5 million commuters use mumbai local trains daily.