11 digit cellphone numbers

Mobile phone numbers are likely to change from 00:00 1st Jan 2010. It would be a 11 digit cellphone number instead of the present 10 digits.

Department of Telecommunications have proposed to prefix 9 in existing 2 digit PLMN  access code.Which is effectively a amendment to the national numbering plan 2003 which was supposed to be in effect for around 30 years.The change is software based and is expected to be complete within a month.

10 digit number was supposed to provide 1 billion numbers which is effectively 1 billion connections, primarily due to increase in subscriber base.An estimated subscriber base of around 488.4 million , however subscriber base as reported by cellular operators assiciation of india shows  a user base of 344,930,753 in sep 2009 and 355,691,928 which would be 355.6 million (difference between the estimated subscriber base of around 488.4 million and 355.6 million would be the count of expired numbers)

Recommendation to switch the numbering system was done by Telecom Engineering Centre, DoT’s technical arm.