Mobile number portability to be delayed till April 10

Mobile number portability to be delayed till april 2010.

Department of Telecom now plans to implement this facility across the country simultaneously.

Rollout of the plan was in two phased.Metros and Category A circles were to implement it from Jan 1st 2010 and while Rest of the country will implement on April 2010.

There was a concern that a subscrier calling a ported number from a serive area where MNP is not implmented in the First phase may not be able to get through. Thus a single phase rollout is necessary

DoT’s technical arm TEC will carry out the tests and also identify processes required to address security concerns realted to MNP.

Home ministry has pointed that the Minority shareholders of Telcordia’s presence were only a front and did not have experience in running a telecomĀ  operations.

11 digit cellphone numbers were to start from Jan 1st 2010