Mumbai local taxi cabs


They operate with a Minimum charge of Rs 14/-  for a distance of  1.5 kms and in mumbai it all runs on meter. There is no ‘meter + xx%’  or double the meter or quoting fares based on location or time or passenger.There is a night charge of Rs5/- after 12:00 pm

In hyderabad there were instances in which my friend was asked Rs400/-  but yet in hyderabad fares were lower compared to bangalore  where auto drivers refused to take in people unless he felt that it was a IT professional. While in cochin they demanded ‘meter + 50%’

There is a kind of style associated with the taxi, to callout for a taxi and then sit behind when the driver turns the meter and proceeds it often the fiat cars but of late WagonR’s, Alto’s, Indica etc are on the road and they operate on the same charges as the Fiat cars. Much the better for the commuters its luxury of modern cars at the prize of Auto’s or Fiat Taxi’s elsewhere these are operated on higher rates although they may be slated lesser.

Hyundai Mumbai taxi

decorations on mumbai taxi

Jan 16th

Black and Yellow taxi’s to launch Call a cab facility. An adfirm would open this service to them in exchange for advertising space on their vehicles.

Which in turn could provide the caller a cab within 30 minutes, around 1500 new cabs are going to be part of this program.

Newspaper cutting from Mumbai Mirror Jan 16 2010Newspaper cutting from Mumbai Mirror Jan 16 2010