Tihar Jail the leveller

Tihar Jail has hosted some celebrities like Charles Shobraj.

Tihar Jail is presently having celebrity inmates infact there are quite a few of them which includes the 2G Raja, and rest which includes Shahid Balwa, Satish Chandra , and many more of the same group.

There is another team which is joining them which includes CWG Kalmadi and his partners in crime.

Very soon Kanimozhi may also join the party there.

As time goes by most of the scandals gets erased if not at the least the culprits go scott free.In the wake of Anna Hazare and Lokpal bill making sensation it might not be that easy this time.

There is a lot of talk about annexing the properties amazed by these people.
Julian assasange has told that the swiss bank has a substantial list of Indians in it.

Times of india had mentioned about the cells in which these imates had to put up with from the temperatures, 10ft X 15 ft area with a makeshift toilet and about the food and Recreational facilities in the prison.

There is a new celebrity in Tihar Jail, Amar Singh.A vote of no confidence in 2008 swept as Congress managed to despite the withdrawl of CPM and allies.How it was done was unknown but 3 BJP MP made it happen, Master mind behind it was Amar Singh.

Presently there is Suresh kalmadi, A Raja, Kani Mozhi, Shahid Balwa, and their aides in Tihar.