Secured RHCSS – Redhat Certified Security Specialist

Results are out and i have secured RHCSS – Redhat Certified Security Specialist.
It was a long Journey which started on Aug 24th to register my wife for RHCE in Amrita institute of computer technology, but on her disinterest i took the plunge although for long i had resisted certifications and opposed the commercialisation of education.Then there was no looking back except for trying to find cheaper solutions or economic solutions.

Cleared RHCE on OCT 24 2010.

Took a plunge into SELinux RHS429 as it was necessary for RHCSS. I took this as RHS333 course schedule was not available and i was desperately looking forward to completing the 8 papers of Redhat.Cleared RHS429 on Nov 23rd.

Meanwhile I was already into RHS423 on a weekend batch juggling along with the weekdays batch of SELinux and managed to clear SELinux in between and then finally clear RHS423 on Nov 16th.

Track record seemed good as i had cleared 3 papers so far and i was eyeing to complete RHCSS by Dec 2010 and later RHCA by March 2011.

I waited long for my RHS333 Network Services Security paper as i was supposed to get it as a free course training as part of the RHCE Course package.Please note i had to cough out Rs1500/- for training material. before Oct 24th itself but the classes for RHS 333 started only in Feb 2011 although i wanted to finish RHCSS by Dec 2010.Course which started in Feb 2011 was unacceptable as it was a weekend batch and RHS333 Network Services Security is not suitable for a weekend batch as it is considered the toughest paper by World’s first RHCA.Infact it should have been the first paper that i attempted but my eagerness to complete this before dec 2010 made me do a few extra steps.The classes extended until April as it was a weekend batch and also due to Mata Amritanandamayi’s visit to Hyderabad.

But there were no takers for exam due to Redhat rule that atleast there should be 5 candidates for RHS333 to function as a center for the exam.It was difficult to rope in attempting exam was left to wait.

While at home in Kerala after a surgey,there was a call from Amrita that there were people to do RHS333 exam and i rushed back and tied to attempt exam on June 18th which i couldn’t as 5 days of preparation after such a huge gap was not enough and first two days to Mock exam was wasted.Remaining 3 days on a 11:00Am to 5:30PM slot was inadequate to refresh sufficient skills to clear the RHS333 paper.On the exam day i had forgotten my RHS333 Network Serices Security Course material which is necessary to be stamped to appear for RHS333 exam. thus i could not write the exam and on this instance luckily for me Amrita had not taken my Course material on the eve of exam and Redhat was kind enough to issue me an offer to have an attempt before July 23 but again due to lack of quorum exam could not be conducted in Amrita and we waited for the quorum and finally i was about to give way and attempt in cochin but their Exam date got postponed and then i looked towards bangalore on Nov 14 but meanwhile Amrita Institute manged to get 3 other students, i wrote the exam day before yesterday and today i am declared as a RHCSS – Redhat Certified Security Specialist.

This should not be an end and it is 4 down 3/4 (RHS 318) more to go for RHCA – Redhat Certified Architect.