Monthly Archives: March 2012

Progress in quail farming

Does ¬† quail start to lay eggs in 45 days ? May be as mine has started to lay eggs in around 50 days.There was an older quail which was laying eggs thus when i got two i thought the…

Convertible energy – next market demand

IBM had recently declared that Convertible energy would be something which would be sought after. If convertible energy ¬†were to be a reality the energy we produce would be used for useful purposes. Our movements produce energy, thus activities like…

Portable mini refrigerator

To have a portable fridge while travelling in a car or while boating and perhaps even on train or while camping( check electricity). Its price is indeed very cheap at Rs 2999/-

Double coloured cushions

I had stumbled on the website of and i had seen this There was an image of about 4 cushions in a stack each of them in two different contrasting colors.colours seems to be the key to aesthetics.