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Tricycle being towed away.

Spirit by Renjith starring Mohanlal

Spirit by Renjith starring Mohanlal is a Good movie 4/5 rating. Keeps you engaged from starting to end.It has intelligently managed to speak against alcoholism and also managed to cast it without annoying.

Thrissur Zoo & Museum

Ticket price Rs 8/- per adult and Rs5/- per child Rs15/- for still camera. Monday Holiday. Thrissur Zoo & Museum has lost its charm which it once held. It was disappointing to see only one lion which was very old…

Swiss knife from Victorinox

Victorinox is the company which makes the original swiss knives. All others available in the market are imitations of swiss knives so next time you see a swiss knife check the company which manufactures it. Victorinox is providing knife for…

Glass house

These are photographs that were stumbled upon while futzing on facebook.                               Glass house in such a terrrain!!!

Bio Gas Plant

Bio Gas Plant is being a talked about these days due to rising concerns over waste management.There was a seminar on Waste management in Trichur town hall probably due to rising concerns over waste being dumped in lalur or laloor…

As A Service

As A Service began with SAAS and that was an alternate to many problems associated with Software licenses and affordability through pay per use. SAAS – Software as a service. PAAS – Platform as a service. IAAS – Infrastructure as…

Samsung jet

Samsung jet.                 This image was found on facebook. This is the promotional vehicle for samsung amoled mobile phones, dual display clamshell mobiles with displays capable of 180 degree viewing.

Kidney stone

This post is appearing here only to aid those who are suffering from kidney stone. It is a severe pain which could make people to roll on the ground in pain, and with tendency to toilet but unable to. One…

Rubik cube

Rubik cube has been a fascination of mine since childhood, it was an expensive toy which was unaffordable and also not easily available. These days it is available in Trains and may be it has been for long about 7…