@Pattaya, Thailand.


 After my Maiden flight COK-AUH-BKK arrived here @IBIS,Pattaya,Thailand.It was around midnight when i reached from suvarnabhumi airport Bangkok to pattaya.image

About the Journey It was from Cochin at 4:40 am and we had a hop over from abudhabi to reach bangkok by 6:30 thailand time.I enjoyed the flight as it was etihad. I am no connoisseur of Aeroplanes and Air travel so no comparison here but it was comfortable.

@Ibis pattaya ambience was good and rooms were neat, well serviced with wifi, electronic locker and refrigerator in each rooms, by the way there were “bars” as the guide told me where i would be charged for anything that i consumed. However 2 bottles of water in glass bottles were free and coffee for two.Rooms with view of swimming pool and the water ride adjacent was beautiful, so make sure to ask for those.

Next day morning with a Free breakfast from hotel which was buffet served with more than what you could consume.Variety of bread juice fruits salads.

Our guide had  arrived and by walk we went down to the beach side when we were marked on our hands a thai or chinese symbol with marker (tatoo in ink 🙂 ). At the beach there was a speed boat waiting for us. we were a group of 42 thus we traveled by two boats enroute it was stopped at a platform in the sea where there was paragliding, snorkelling, and water scotters.

Few from our group tried paragliding which was charged at 500 TBH which was earlier estimated @ 400TBH, there were a few takers for it, however about snorkeling we tried negotiating the 1200TBH however the contact there was rude and claimed it was $50 and that it was after a discount. None from our team tried and we headed for coral island where silver sands adorned the beach with lots of Japs, chinese,and similar people.

@Coral islands there were a stretch of shops selling a wide variety of things ranging from beach wear to T-shirts, souvenirs, and sea food which was live, we could choose them and they were prepared.After about two hours out here we returned on speed boat back to the beach by the hotel.

After a bath from hotel we left for lunch at a Indian restaurant around the Alcazar show. After a well served lunch during our chat with fellow mates there were people who went for snorkelling @500TBH and speed boat driving by 40TBH to the driver.Moral of the story – when you are taken by a travel agent and guide prices are high.

After lunch we were taken to Gem gallery where we were given rides in open carriages on rails which demonstrated formation of gems and mining.Which ended into a shopping area Jewellery, stones,….. and other…..

I purchased Mango soap @80TBH there was a 10% discount i purchased 6 for 432TBH on credit card.I found later that on streets of pattaya this was available for 3 pieces @100TBH. so please remember what i wrote above.( I paid 432 for what i could have purchased at 200) Everyday of life you learn something new.

We attended the Alcazar cabaret, to the many who consider it as a strip show i would say it is a family show, atleast the one i attended.It lasts about 1hour 15 mins and after the show you get a chance to take photo with the artists who are ladyboys for 40TBH.

Dinner from Mumbai indian restaurant.and returned to hotel when i took a stroll on the streets of pattaya which was brimming with night life. There were go go bars there were massage parlours and there were 7-11 supermarkets.open late night even past 11:00 pm.While walk around there would be many approaching you which you can politely decline and continue.Along the beach side there were restaurants with live music by philipino artists and more.

I missed going to walking street which i am told is a must do.

 Next day we visited pattaya floating market and then Noong nooch park where the Elephant show is much more than elephant shows in circus or ….  for 500 TBH you get to pose with elephant with various poses, on top, elephant lifts you with its trunk, elephant blesses you ….  Those photographs can be your bragging rights, there is also a chained tiger with which you can photograph for 500TBH and there are Macau parrots also which are available for photograph.