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Code to reinstall Android on smartphones.


It reinstalls android on your phone. I was plagued with perhaps virus and error in playstore which made the phone virtually a normal mobile phone just capable of Call/Recevie and SMS.

After reinstallation Playstore was working fine, Thus this code could be a solution to a lot of problems.

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Israeli invasion on Gaza and American silence followed by Justification. Mon, 28 Jul 2014 15:25:49 +0000 Read more →

Obama’s justification during ifthar organised in white house is the biggest cruelty to those child assassins of Palestine. Death toll crosses 1050

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Alcoholism and Smoking by Business women. Mon, 21 Jul 2014 13:22:02 +0000 Read more →

Decision to post this was on reading

Recalling my days in Hyderabad while working for Genpact (it turned out to be pramod bhasin’s sweat shop) and Apollo health street.There were significant number of girls in their early 20′s who were regular smokers in the smoking bay along with male colleagues. Remarkably their dressing were also a bit over the edge, recalling a female colleagues conversation on phone with her friend. ” there is dress code – formals Mon-thu Casuals on Fri, and then it would be like a Pub.” It was probably a competition amongst the minds.

During Team outings there were girls who consumed beer, and it needs to be mentioned that some got on a High as well.Some turns flat while others in the following party would dance a little outrageously.There were some who were regulars at local pubs and those who were loyal to alcoholic brands.

Anti smoking campaign did a remarkable impact among male colleagues but in female quarters it was replied with “you need this to move ahead in corporates”. It seemed some have accepted it as a necessity.

But unlike the article above drinking competition alongside males were unknown, although nightstand was in rumor.

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Will mumbai metro be another lifeline of mumbai like Mumbai local trains Mon, 21 Jul 2014 12:54:27 +0000 Read more →

Finally mumbai local trains have started operation with some technical lags on inaugration day itself and intention to hike fares even before it started operation.Area covered is also less.

Delhi metro with Eight lines in operation, with criss crosses seems to be a success.Mumbai local train is identity and culture of mumbai.The add on Mumbai metro may not touch the lives of mumbaikers like local train due to affordability as minimum charges was proposed to be hike to Rs 30 from present Rs 10 while in local trains it is still around Rs 4/-.

Bangalore metro has begun operation but area covered by bangalore metro is minimal and therefore it has not earned an identity in Bangalore.

Mumbai metro was long awaited,Its acceptance by the people is yet to be proven.

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Gold fish breeding Wed, 04 Jun 2014 08:29:22 +0000 Read more →

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Brazil 2014 Fifa world cup Wed, 28 May 2014 05:45:21 +0000 Read more →


Germany and Uruguay are likely favorites this season.
Brazil in its own home ground is likely to bag it.

Meanwhile out here in kerala Fifa world cup merchandise has started gaining business, It ranges from T-shirts of different teams where Brazil and Argentina are most common.This season Umbrellas with photos have become the new kid on the block.

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modi wins from vadodara & varanasi Sat, 17 May 2014 08:50:15 +0000 Read more →

narendra modi wins from vadodara and varanasi. vadodara by a vote margin of 5,70,000+ votes while from varanasi by a margin of 2,50,000+ against Arvind Kejriwal. Riots of 2002 is not a concern to those who voted for him. Development was the qualifier.

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Poly house farming crashes Mon, 21 Apr 2014 11:06:34 +0000 Read more →

Poly house farming crashes.

Like many other businesses this has also crashed. On TV a farmer explained the business.
After a investment of about 7 lakhs. He is a able to get about 3 crops in a year. As per expectations about 3 tons of vegetables were estimated but about 2 tons were harvested thus resulting in a income of Rs 50,000/- to him for which an estimated running expenditure of Rs25,000/- was involved thus a margin of Rs 25,000/- for 4 months. But interest on the Initial investment is additional.

Beware the investment on the cage and covering cannot be considered a lifelong investment as they are prone to damages easily.

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Questionable Gujarat model of development. Thu, 17 Apr 2014 17:57:42 +0000 Read more →

Friends… Please don’t become Dhritarashtra (blind)….. Don’t fall prey to Media’s fake news…
Media is trying to promote BJP…and Modi….. on instructions of Mukesh Ambani…. Modi is just fooling common people……
Everyone rely on media’s news. The truth is not known to anyone. What media wants to show that people believe. Apply your common sense and mind if you are educated. Don’t fall prey to media fake news. The interview of Narender Modi in Aap ki Adalat was fixed and scripted. All the dialogues were pre-written. Yes you can appreciate Modi is a good actor, and easily able to fool common people. Congress and BJP both are corrupt parties. Today’s common man is Arvind Kejriwal. Give him the opportunity once. We don’t need corrupt sarkar again. Let’s bring revolution, it’s high time. So vote for AAP. My vote is for AAP. Ab ki bar sirf imandar sarkar… AAP Sarkar.
Here is the fact sheet about Modi’s governed Gujarat that has never been talked about:

1. In 10 years, 60,000 small scale industries have been closed down. (Source: Director, Department of Economics and Statistics, Government of Gujarat 2011-12)

2. Gujarat ranks 5th in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
(Source: Director, Department of Economics and Statistics, Government of Gujarat. & Report by Reserve Bank of India. 2011-12)

3. One rape takes place every three days
in Gujarat. Here, crime against women has increased by 39 percent. After every three days, a girl child is raped in the state. About 60% women of state are abused by their husbands and 35% daughters are sexually assaulted by their fathers. (Source: Ahmadabad Women Association Gujarat (AWAG) and Times of India Jan 25, 2013)

4. Gujarat is at 8th position in agricultural growth. Gujarat has never achieved 10% growth in agriculture sector. As per Gujarat government’s own statistics from year 2005-2006 to 2010-2011, growth in GSDP in Agriculture and Allied sector is 3.44% only-not double digit or 10%. (Source: Gujarat economics and statistics department and Times of India)

5. Food grain and oil seed production has negative growth of (-8.08%) and (-2.08%) as per socio economic review of Gujarat Government 2011-12.6. Total cultivated area of Gujarat is 107.02 lakh hectors out of which only 36.28 lakh hectors area are under irrigation, (Source: Agriculture & Co-Operation Department Gov. of Gujarat)

7. In Gujarat, VAT on fertilizer is 5%, it is highest in India (Source: Ministry of agriculture, Gujarat, 2010-11)

8. 4874 farmers committed suicide in Gujarat from 2003 to 2012. (Source: Gujarat police department report)

9. As on March 2011, a total of 4, 55,885 applications for power connection for agricultural purposes are pending. (Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Gujarat, 2011-12)10. In Gujarat, 26 districts have 225 blocksin which 57 are dark zone blocks. (Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Gujarat and Annual Report Narmada Nigam, 2011-12)

11. Close to half of the state’s children under the age of 5 (44.6 %) are known to be suffering from malnutrition. 70 percent are said to be anaemic while 40 percent are underweight. (Source: Planning Commission Report-2012-13)

12. In 8 districts and 3 Talukas of Gujarat, 2,494 posts of teachers are lying vacant. In four distrticts of the state, around 978 schools are running with only one or two teachers. (Source: RTI filed by Vinod Pandya GOG reply to RTI, 2011-12)

13. School dropout rate In Gujarat is 57.9% in Gujarat where as India’s average Dropout Rate is 49.3%. (Source: Times of India report)

14. Teacher, student ratio in Gujarat is 1:52, where the national ratio is 1:32. (Source: Times of India Report)

15. Gujarat is 13th in literacy ranking in India and Kerala is 1ST. (Source: Census Report of India 2011)

16. The expenditure on health by the Gujarat government has fallen from 4.25% in 1990-95 to 0.77% in 2005-2010. The state occupied second position from bottom in terms of allocation of health in state budget. (Source: Planning Commission Report-2012-13 and NationalHealth Profile- Central Bureau of Health Intelligence)

17. In Gujarat the shortage of doctors in PHCs is 33%, the shortage in specialist doctors is 94%, and shortage of nursing staff is 20%. (Source: Times of India Report)

18. Gujarat has 21% shortfall in Sub Centres infrastructure,19% shortfall in PHCs infrastructure and 11% in CHCs health infrastructure (Source: Times of India Report)

19. Gujarat ranks 20th (the bottom) among the 20 major states in the percentage of women with severe anaemia. (Source: human Development report of the year 2011-12)

20. Gujarat ranks 15th in malnourishment in children (Source: Human Development report of the year 2011-12)

21. Gujarat ranks 16th in children’s anaemia (Source: Human Development report of the year 2011-12)22. Gujarat ranks 14th in rural IMR and 10th in urban IMR. (Source: SRS Estimates, 2012)

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Art of living and Sri Sri Ravishanker on Elections 2014. Fri, 11 Apr 2014 12:20:05 +0000 Read more →

I have decided to track my obserations here on blog as it is very difficult to go back on facebook posts or dig the past and often we miss out what we wanted.

There have been series of posts by different people on different subjects

Ravishanker’s campaigning was intimated to me by a known person who attended his session to hear a lot of emphasis for Development.Existing hype is that Gujarat is highly developed under modi’s governance.

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